Themed Weddings

Themed Weddings


Nowadays more and more couples are choosing to give their own personality to their wedding ceremony. That’s why one of the most common questions that wedding planners receive from Brides is how they can “marry in style”.
According to Stepsis, the key to successfully personalizing your wedding day is to decide which type of wedding theme suits your personality and lifestyle. Once you have picked your theme, it’s easy for us to coordinate the decoration, flowers, favors, Bridal style, wedding cake etc.

Some wedding theme ideas may be...

• The fisherman’s wedding
• Rustic wedding
• Vintage
• 40s,50s,60s etc
• Oil Grove wedding
• Traditional Cretan wedding
• Colour-themed wedding ( tell us your favourite colour )
• Season-themed wedding ( summertime,fall,winter,spring)
• Chic Beach wedding
• Flower-themed wedding ( tell us the flower of your preference)
• Romantic wedding
• Rockabilly

You can contact us any time and tell us your favourite Wedding theme.



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