Picturesque Villages

Rustic Weddings hold a very special place at Stepsis
Picturesque Villages


Crete; an island with special beauty, culture and traditions.Sea, mountains and picturesque villages in the middle, inhabited by smiley and hospitable people  who honour the joys of life,  wine, and the traditional music of their homeland.
Cobblestone streets adorned by old mansions, flowery pots on balconies and why not, two traditional musicians, will lead you to the most beautiful part of the village where the scenery of your Wedding will be set.

Just imagine of a Rustic Wedding and do not be surprised if local people invite you and your guests to drink some raki(local alcoholic drink)after ceremony, in a traditional cafe ,while speaking you in their language!!!!

Appropriate for all type of ceremonies ( civil,orthodox,renewal of vows & symbolic)


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