Wedding Reception

What will your guests see when they walk into the room? Whether it's a stunning vista of rolling mountains,or the crashing sea on the sand, exceptional locations with a view are always a plus.
Wedding Reception


Greece needs no introduction in the area of food!!! Ingredients are still grown locally and seasonally in our beautiful country and prepared by hand according to traditions and gastronomy.

At Stepsis you will have the chance to get a true picture of Crete and sample the famous Mediterranean diet. For your wedding dinning, we have chosen restaurants, traditional taverns, farms and luxury hotels that the local people have favoured for years due to the quality of their cuisine, their service and their beautiful atmosphere.

From a multi course candle lit reception in a romantic restaurant by the sea to a rustic dinner at a traditional restaurant; we know you will experience splendid flavours and presentations, accompanied by fine wines and desserts.



• Wedding dinner for 2 or 500
• Rehearsal dinner
• Cocktail party
• Pre-wedding cocktail party
• “day after” Brunch
• Indoor or Outdoor reception
• Private Venue (Banquet Hall)
• Traditional or International cuisine
• Modern,Romantic,Rustic or Luxury venue
• Catering at your Villa
• Anything else

We cover every possibility and we are here to help you find the perfect Venue for your wedding celebration!!


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