The Apostille Stamp

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Documents issued from one country, cannot be simply considered valid in another foreign country. Even sometimes, a document authenticated by public notaries.The Apostille stamp is a special seal which is applied by legal authorities in order to certify that a document is a true and valid copy of the original.

Not all countries can issue Apostille, but only the countries signatories of the Hague Convention. Once Apostille is obtained, it is automatically considered valid and acceptable in all Hague Convention countries.

The following is a list of the "Hague Convention " countries




A Czech Republic Israel New Zealand Turkey
Andorra D Italy Niue U
Antigua & Barbuda Denmark J Norway Ukraine
Argentina  Dominica Japan O United Kingdom
Armenia Dominican Republic K Oman USA
Australia E Kazakhstan P V
Austria Ecuador L Panama Venezuela
Azerbaijan El Salvador Lesotho Poland Vanuatu
B Estonia Latvia Portugal
Bahamas F Liberia R
Barbados Fiji Lithuania Republic of Korea
Belarus Finland Liechtenstein Romania
Belgium France Luxemburg Russian Federation
Belize Fyrom M S
Bosnia & Herzegovina G Malawi Slovakia
Botswana Germany Malta Slovenia
Bulgaria Grenada Marshall Islands South Africa
Brunei Darusallam Greece Mauritius Spain
C H Mexico St.Lucia
Cape Verde Honduras Moldova Suriname
China  Hungary Monaco Swaziland
Colombia I Montenegro Sweden
Cook islands Iceland N Switzerland
Costa Rika India Namibia T
Croatia Ireland Netherlands Tonga



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