Payment terms & Planning process

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Payment terms & Planning process

When dealing with money at any time it is very important to make sure everything is understood and agreed on in writing. Our payment terms are pretty standard, covered very clearly in our contract and are broken down in the following way:




  1. By signing the agreement letter, the customer will have to pay 20% from the total expected amount, as a “save the date” deposit. This deposit is Non-Refundable.
  2. As soon as money has been deposited in our account, a deposit invoice will be send and Stepsis will set aside the date for you and proceed to the wedding planning and necessary bookings.
  3. 6 weeks prior to the wedding/event, another 50% of the total amount expected shall be submitted. At this time, Stepsis will require all documents needed in order to confirm that the file of your paperwork is complete and proceed to the wedding arrangements with the officials. Furthermore will proceed to every last detail of the wedding day and confirmations with the all the wedding professionals. 
  4. The remaining 30% of the total amount, the total amount and any remaining extra amount must be paid 1 week prior to your arrival in Crete.



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