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Stepsis-The Ceremony of Crowning. From the ancient years the crowns are signs of glory and honour and until nowadays they remain the focal point of the orthodox marriage ceremony. During the ceremony the wedding crowns are fitted upon the couples’ head, joined by a ribbon which symbolises the unity of the couple. This process is called Stepsis.
You better book your wedding date as soon as possible especially if you are interested for a specific one.
Yes. But there is an extra cost for a civil wedding ceremony at weekends
Start from the category “ceremonies”. Choose the type of your preference. In there, you will find useful information and everything needed for a valid wedding in Greece. Once you are informed, choose the location that suits you most. Then you can choose either one of our readymade packages or search into the different options of our site and create your own wedding
Into the category “packages”, except of the readymade ones, you will find also a tailor made package. Choose out of the broad range of our Services all those that will make up the picture and scenery of your wedding and fill in the form. We will replay with all details.
Yes. But you can anytime customize a readymade package by adding a number of guests and services. All you have to do is let us know about your requirements
We recommend you to be here at least 3 days prior to the wedding as we would like to have a pre-wedding meeting with you and discuss everything and at least one working day after the ceremony in order to visit Registrars office and sign the marriage certificate
Yes.Stepsis will happily assist you with legalities and all the necessary wedding arrangements. This is our most basic service.
Assistance with Paperwork,Legal costs and booking of the date and the time with the celebrant
Our payments are usually received in two or three instalments. We ask for a 25% retaining fee upon fixing a wedding date, in a Town Hall or Church, together with a full binding contract. The payments will be made directly at our bank account.
When a company works with professionalism and responsibility, to both the customer and vendors, then yes there are penalties for any cancellations.



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